Triston Cole is running to be the next Antrim County Sheriff. He has been a trusted leader and committed partner to the communities he serves. Triston is ready to make some needed changes at the Sheriff’s Department and his experience is going to get Antrim results.

Vision for Antrim County Sheriff's Department

  • Community outreach and engagement: Triston has been outspoken and engaged on local issues and active with state policy that effects the law enforcement community

  • Transparency and accountability: Trust in elected officials is a necessary facet of democracy. Residents and commissioners need to know that Triston will be transparent and accountable in his actions

  • Open lines of Communication: Triston comes ready to serve. Previous experience has allowed him to form valuable relationships with residents, law enforcement, state lawmakers, and leaders

  • Funding: There are thousands of dollars in grant money available from all over the state and nation. Triston will focus efforts of garnering grants and other resources for Antrim County to fund necessary improvements like equipment upgrades, training, technology updates, computers, radios, and connectivity. The best training and equipment goes hand in hand with the best sheriff’s deputies around

  • Recruit, Train and Retain: An open, communicative, respectful environment is key to getting LEOs to show up ready to work everyday. This will also reduce turnover and provide our community with experienced officers

Issues Facing Antrim

  • Opioid Crisis/Drug Issues – Our families are being ravaged by drugs in Antrim. This is an issue that should be handled with resources instead of costly jail-time.

  • Animal Shelter – The Antrim County Animal Shelter is an asset of the County Sheriff’s Department. As such, we must hold the management of it to the highest standards. This includes the staff who manage it and the care of the animals placed in their control


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