about triston cole

Triston Cole is a lifelong Northern Michigan resident living in Antrim County with his wife of nearly 24 years Stacy, and their three beautiful teenage daughters Etta (19), May (17), and Ruby (13). They are members of Eastport Baptist Church.

Triston served three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives from 2014-2020. During his time in the Legislature, Triston served his district in many leadership positions. These include committee assignments ranging from, Energy, Tourism, Agriculture (Vice-Chair), Transportation (Chairman), Judiciary, to Government Ops (Vice-Chair).

Including his service as Chairman of the House Transportation committee in his second term, Triston served in two prestigious caucus leadership positions. Triston’s second term he was elected as Assistant Majority Floor Leader and in his third term was elected Majority Floor Leader in charge of working with committee chairs, the House agendas, running procedure and leading actions of the House from the Floor.

Triston helped preserve freedom and individual liberties voting thousands of times in committee and on legislation while in office. Triston introduced a combined total of 159 bills, 97 of which passed in the House, 43 passing in the Senate, culminating in a total of 35 Public Acts.  Triston was ranked as 3rd most conservative legislator during his first term.

Upon leaving the legislature, Triston continued to follow his lifelong passion of helping people and community service, joining Senator Wayne Schmidt’s district team, and continuing to help constituents through 2021. Prior to serving in the legislature Triston was a professional hunting guide and spent 12 years as a professional truck driver hauling commodities from dairy products to gasoline and diesel. He also has an agriculture background starting and operating a small family farm with his family.

Triston served as a four-year Co-Chair of the Michigan Sportsman’s Caucus and helped many Representatives and Senators meet great people and get a taste of adventure and have a better understanding of the environment and conservation. Over the years Triston built relationships with his colleagues that continues and will allow him to hit the ground running when elected to serve as the next State Senator in the 37th District.