triston cole on the issues


I believe in freedom of education, parental involvement, choice, and options. I strongly oppose Critical Race Theory being forced into or stealthily included in lessons. As someone who was homeschooled, I was a strong advocate for parents in the legislature. As your next State Senator, I will continue to protect and fight for educational freedom, transparency and keeping oversight of our individual schools with our local school boards. Furthermore, Higher Education is the terminology that should be used for ANY post high school accomplishments from certifications to doctoral degrees—and all options should be promoted to our students. Not interrupting in-person learning is of utmost importance. Academic recovery is going to take more than money to accomplish. Parents working closely with their child’s educators will be much more effective than a top-down heavy hand of government.  This should be encouraged—not discouraged by educrats who do not welcome scrutiny by parents.

Government Shutdowns

I oppose never-ending mandatory broad-brush statewide shutdowns. Over the last two years we have been subject to unconstitutional, uncontrolled, un-American, government mandates. I oppose this approach and will work to revise or repeal current laws that allowed this to happen and return our state to one of freedom and individual responsibility. A broad-brush dictatorship approach to solving issues is not the answer; and we should never again be forced into compliance by threat of arrest, fines, fees, seizure of property, suspension of licenses or financial ruin. During my time in the legislature, I fought for individual rights, introduced legislation– and successfully passed– laws to reign in government. As your next state senator, I will use my 6 years of hands-on experience to continue this work.

Law Enforcement

I whole heartedly and unapologetically support our law enforcement and first responders. I worked closely across all sectors during my time in the legislature to support those that keep us safe, enforce our laws and selflessly rush toward us and our loved ones during emergencies in our time of need. I support ensuring that all needs are met and that funding options for equipment and training are maximized. This is especially important in the 37th Senate District with our local units being seasonally overwhelmed due to our region being a top tourism destination. A critical component to the solving crime and incarceration problem is access to mental health services in our region. Jails should be reserved for those who prey on society, not a place to house the mentally ill.  It puts a strain on law enforcement, as well as making the problem worse for the individual.  I have continuously and tirelessly advocated and fought for expanded mental health services for our residents. Lack of local or regional access is an unbelievable time and financial burden on families, our local corrections, and health providers’ budgets. It remains one of my top priorities to solve as your next state senator.